Dear Sir or Madam, dear art friends and colleagues,


the past weeks and months were and still are very intense – i.e.: busy -, but exciting as well! There are some news waiting to be told!

Cordial regards,

Simone (Kraft)


Don’t miss it!

Nomadic Settlers – Settled Nomads: The international group show can be seen at Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, Berlin, until the end of August. We present works by 26 international artists from all around the world.

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Save the date 1:

(In)Visible Cities: This show – curated by myself, and awarded with the Wolfgang Hartmann Preis 2011 for young curators, will be presented at Kunstverein Wilhelmshöhe Ettlingen in October and November 2011 – including four artists whose works focus on questions of architecture and art: Karl-Heinz Bogner, Stefan Hoenerloh Johannes Twielemeier und Annett Zinsmeister.

Details will follow,

Online Experiment: Virtual Exhibitions

There’s a new feature on Virtual Exhibitions.

This initiates an experiment, intended to add to’s possibilities, as well as to test the potential of the internet. The presentations are dedicated to artists working on ARTitecture | art and architecture

Virtual Exhibitions tap the potential of the www: not only are the exhibited works accessible with out geographic and temporal limits, but they are furthermore available permanently – while “classical” exhibitions are subject to limited space and time. Within these virtual exhibition spaces, striking encounters are possible which would not happen just like that in reality – providing you with food for thought, discoveries and surprises!

The premiere is a Virtual Exhibition presenting works by German photographer Cathrin Schulz: „Last Call“ about Berlin city airport Tempelhof

Save the date 2:

Getting up to speed: In October the new – and only – videospace 25 Bilder/Sekunde in Mannheim will launch, dedicated exclusively to the presentation of national and international video artists. The project was initiated by artmetropolTV, and I’m senior curator. Scheduled are thematical presentations as well as shows by guest curators.

The opening show is: „Getting physical STIER | ZEMKE | VOLIC“.

More Informationen soon (under construction)